Don’t Forget About Captain Obvious!

Upon researching how to make myself (a very goal oriented, organized, driven, hard-working woman with extensive communication skills) more marketable, I came across a fantastic article by Brian Kenney from Publisher’s Weekly, How to Land a Library Job.

Brian provides great advice in not only making yourself stand-out as a library applicant, but in reminding you to roll up your sleeves and get digging. As a librarian, it’s your responsibility to research, research, and research some more. It’s taken a lot of banging my head against the wall to realize to dig deeper and never forget to ask the obvious questions like “how do you get a library job with little experience.”

After some time of getting nowhere with my applications I knew it was time to search for help, thus leading me to Brian’s article. So in order to help pass the buck onto other green students of the library I wanted to share my to-do’s of marketing myself to the professional world.

  • Create a blog
    • After digging deeper, I found that aside from the million other necessary tasks they do librarians also blog! So now that The Burgeoning Bibliothec is off and running I’m elated to help others by sharing what I will learn along this journey.
  • Run an autopsy on my cover letter
    • For a months now I’ve been applying to library positions with what I thought to be a great cover letter only to find out that although my cover letter flourished with my work accomplishments as an Assistant Director might be great for higher paying clerical positions, I’m also selling myself short for library positions. Thanks to Brian’s resources I can look at other librarian cover letters to help shape mine in the most truly authentic way.
  • Become a regular
    • In order to become fluent in any language it’s important to immerse yourself in the culture and practice, practice, practice! Currently I’m on the hunt for various librarian blogs to be read, groups to join, and libraries to visit. Overall, I’m taking the plunge and putting myself out there to grow my network all while learning something new along the way.
  • Become fluent in Spanish and any other language my heart desires!
    • Ethnically, I am of Mexican, Japanese, Puerto-Rican, and Native American descent and I’m sad to say I only speak English! I haven’t seen this listed anywhere specific, but I’m sure being a polyglot can only be helpful.



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