The Grad School Glow-What to Expect When You’re Getting Your MLIS

For some, school is about sleepless nights, more work, and hardly any play but as a person who may be classified as highly unusual, I admit I just LOVE school. In fact with my very first semester of grad school approaching in a month I have the grad school glow where everything is new, fresh, and exciting. I’m sure this will all change in a few months when I have loads of reading to keep up with and papers to write but similar to a new expecting mother, I’m looking forward to the good, the painful, and the ugly because it all means I’m one step closer towards getting what I’ve worked so hard for.

So, for this week I thought it would be appropriate to start a new series “What to Expect When You’re Getting a MLIS” with a list of goals and my ultimate strategy for the next 2 years as a grad student.


  1. Enjoy and appreciate the experience: Throughout my life I’ve always been a well above average student; however, it never came easy to me. Growing up I’ve gone through countless obstacles ranging from a deeply unsteady home life to working with a minor learning disorder. Once I started my B.A. my home life was completely changed for the better and in my second year I stopped taking the medication that left me malnourished and in a zombie like state. Although all of these obstacles left me feeling like I was robbed of the tools and care every child deserves when their under 18, by the time I graduated with my English-Lit and Language degree I had a system down where I wasn’t insecure or feeling like I was behind in any way. Now that I’ve had plenty of time to overcome the emotional side of those obstacles I finally feel as if I can give myself the care and tools I wasn’t given as a child and simply enjoy the sheer idea of learning something new for the first time!
  2. Complete all of the assigned readings: It’s a simple, but important one! I love to read, but sometimes the assigned readings get away from me. Not this time!
  3. Get into and join Beta Phi Mu International Library Science Honor’s Society: During my undergrad I was in two Honor’s societies, one in which I was pretty active in. To uphold tradition I would love to at least get into Beta Phi My
  4. Stay happy and healthy through nutrition, exercise, and art: You may not know this, but aside from librarianship my first love has always been art-specifically children’s book illustrations. Since beginning this academic librarianship quest I have not dedicated any time to my art, but I would love to figure out how to add that into my schedule. As for the nutrition and exercise part, I am much more knowledgeable about what it takes to be healthy and my goal is to stick to it!
  5. Set myself up for the next stage: Ph.D.? A second Masters? I’m not sure which order this will go in, but I truly do feel that I will forever be a student and eventually become Dr. Frank, so why not shoot for the stars?

The Ultimate Strategy: 

  1. Just Do It: While I hate using this Nike slogan, it works extremely well for me. In my adolescence I used to be a little shy and timid and while I’m still an introvert and spend plenty of time weighing situations I am a do-er. So in order to accomplish my goals I always keep this at the forefront because at the end of the day, whether I’m scared, unsure, or simply feeling lazy this helps me take a chance and see what comes out of it.

As always, advice and goal/experience sharing is welcome so please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and more!


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