DIYs at the CPC Austin Library

Hello Everyone!

I hope this week has been as productive a week for you as it has been for me! It’s officially been a month since I started my position as a Library Assistant for Career Point College-Austin and I must admit I was starting to feel a little discouraged after seeing my major goals tackling expansion, communication, and events haven’t come to fruition just yet. Although immediate success would be nice I decided to at least tackle my goal of communication while I’m still working on expansion and events. So without further ado here is my communication goal progress:

  • A silly sign: After realizing students might be intimidated by the circulation desk I decided to invite them over with a silly sign. Thanks to a wonderful sign I saw from Rice Lake Public Library I couldn’t resist! Their sign helped me convey my availability and other job duties other than printer troubleshooting. I also added a little avatar version of me which seems to always help :).

2016-08-12 13.17.33

  • Suggestion Box: Thankfully my “please interrupt me” sign has deemed extremely useful! After unveiling my sign, I am not only finding that students are asking me for different types of help, but they’re also sharing their concerns with me! With that, I thought it was due time for a suggestion box.


  • Wi-fi: This is something so small, but we found many students were asking for the wi-fi information so why not post it around the library?

2016-08-12 12.54.36

  • W.I.P. Computer Chart: A current project I’ve given myself is tracking our computers. As part of the library we have about 14 computers with only a few of them labeled. Coming from a job running a call center this isn’t a tough job, just a time consuming one. Below is our new computer chart sans actual computer serial numbers and names. I see this document getting good use whenever we need to report repairs to IT.

2016-08-12 13.22.53

  • W.I.P. Meetings: Unfortunately there isn’t a craft project involved in this W.I.P, but it’s a major step for the CPC Austin library! Lately, many of our supply orders and requests have been road blocked due to unforeseen obstacles; however, the Head Librarian and I are working together to get the library needs met! In most workplaces scheduled meetings are routine or even overkill, but since CPC is so new they don’t even have scheduling occasional meetings down. With that, I’ve been encouraging the Head Librarian to schedule a meeting so we can get some action items resolved and thankfully she said yes! Right now I’m working on a proposal that touches on budget, ordering procedures, and library requirements to remain accredited. So far I chalk this up as a huge success by getting the thumbs up from the Head Librarian to schedule a meeting with the campus Director.

Even though I’m slowly chipping away at accomplishing these goals and I may come off as being too strong willed for some, I’m proud of myself for being proactive and making things happen! For those more experienced academic librarians out there, how often do you meet with your director/boss? Do you feel that you have to tread lightly in your requests? Do your supply orders get filled quickly? Do you have any additional advice for a young librarian like me?


2 thoughts on “DIYs at the CPC Austin Library

  1. Jeffrey says:

    This all sounds great! How I wish I worked at a library where this kind of thinking was valued! Good luck with the new job!

    Exclamation points are fun!

    I can do this all day!

    Liked by 1 person

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