A Quick Post to Say What’s Up!

Hello Everyone!

I hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and got to eat as much food as I did! Like all of you there are MANY things I have to be thankful for and particularly for me, many new things to be thankful for came to me around November. (Don’t you just love when life lines up like that sometimes?)

So without further ado here are the new and fun adventures I’ve signed up for in the past month or two:

GLISA President:

GLISA stands for the Graduate Library and Information Studies Association which is the student American Library Association chapter at Texas Woman’s University. While I kept my eye on GLISA since hearing about it in September, I finally took the plunge and signed up for the officer role in late October after I lost my job. Although it requires an incredible amount of work, it has already been such a rewarding experience.

Since signing up in late October the team and I have already revamped the entire program with a webinar series, a new blog/platform, crazy nice flyers, and we’ve made key decisions that will hopefully boost our membership numbers. In the coming months I plan to collaborate with other library professionals to gain speakers for our new webinar series and within the next week I hope to apply for an amazing opportunity provided by the ALA, the Student-to-Staff program where they provide a good chunk of funding for a student to attend the ALA conference in June 2017. Now, I can go on and on about the new improvements of GLISA, but overall GLISA has already created wonderful opportunities for me to take on a leadership role early in my field of study.

LRC Assistant at Strayer University:

After going through quite a few phone interviews and then an in-person interview I was offered a position as the Learning Resource Center Assistant at Strayer University! Although this position is labeled as an assistant position I am proud to say that I am completely in charge of the LRC at the Strayer North Austin campus. That’s right people, I actually run my own library, plus more!

I just started the position on Monday and I’m already loving how much Strayer values their employees and their students. I am truly looking forward to implementing new programs and assisting both Distance Learners and students in person throughout my time at Strayer.

Meeting New Library Professionals:

An assignment for my Reference and Information Services class involved us observing a reference librarian for three hours to get a better insight into this avenue of the field. By chance really, I was able to shadow a superb and passionate reference librarian at the Cypress Creek-Austin Community College. From the moment I reached out via phone until the very last second I was heading out the door, the ACC head librarian and reference librarian were the epitome of what librarians should strive for. I learned so much from my visit to ACC and by meeting such passionate, caring, driven, and considerate individuals it gave me another chip on my shoulder as it reaffirmed my decision to become a librarian.

Surprisingly even though these new adventures have taken up a lot of time and was at times overwhelming I can’t help but look forward to all of the things to come in the library realm!



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