My 2016 Recap in the Library World

Hello Everyone!

It has been such a busy end of the year, but certainly one to remember! I am proud to share that 2016 was a year full of wonderful experiences and one in which I put myself out there and created a path for my career. Without further ado, here’s a list of my 2016 experiences in the library world :

March – June

  • Started volunteering at the St. John’s Library in Austin
  • Applied for the TWU SLIS program and got in!
  • Created The Burgeoning Bibliothec blog to chronicle my adventures


  • Received my first official library job at CPC
    • Full time position and given a lot of responsibility as the second in command of the library.


  • Started my SLIS program at TWU and loved every moment of it!
    • Classes included:
      • LS 5043-Information & Communication Technology
      • LS 5083-Foundations of Library and Information Studies
      • LS 5263-Information Sources and Services

September – October

  • Closing of Career Point College and an end to my position as a Library Assistant
  • Decision made to have a focus in academic librarian and to become the Dean of a large university library.
  • Joined the American Library Association


  • Signed on as the ALA Student Chapter, Graduate Library and Information Studies Association (GLISA) President
    • Opportunity to work with other great GLISA officers and full revamping of program.
  • Met new library professionals and made decision to go for a second masters in
  • Received my second library position as the Learning Resources Center Assistant at Strayer University
    • Independently run the LRC as a librarian, career specialist, and research guru.
    • Introducing new ICT, given a ton of special projects, management opportunities, and leadership experience.
  • Nominated and received a spot in the ALA Student-to-Staff Program!


  • Completed my first semester and received all A’s!!!
  • Given more responsibility at Strayer:
    • Asked to share experience and give advice to other LRCA’s
    • Provide training materials
    • Collaborated with the Director of the campus to create the first ever North Austin campus series of virtual orientations. This included many forms of ICT and a ton of testing on my part!
  • Revving up for the Winter semester.

I hope everyone enjoys their New Year’s Eve. Cheers!


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