Hello again!

You’re probably checking this page to learn about why I chose to pursue a deeply underrated profession. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is my story in the context of my letter of intent to Texas Woman’s University:

I spent the majority of my adolescence in the unsafe neighborhoods of Los Angeles where gang violence and poverty was the norm. In my neighborhood, survival was key and education was by no means seen as the catalyst to a better life. Despite these circumstances and limited view on life, I found the Montebello public library as a safe place, a sanctuary, and a home away from the danger waiting outside our apartment door.

The Montebello library and all libraries I explored thereafter offered me freedom, discipline, responsibility, and courage. I found freedom at the library since for the first time in my life I had the ability to choose which world I wanted to delve into at that given time. I learned discipline in the rules and expectations of the library as we were instructed to be mindful and considerate of others. I gained responsibility by caring for the books and by extension the knowledge I acquired with the library resources. Lastly, the library helped me find courage by teaching me how to ask for help.

Ultimately, the library and its passionate staff served as an educator and it was a resource to giving me a better life all while instilling the importance of staying true to myself. Like the librarians and staff I engaged with, my goal in life is to make this world a better place by equipping others with knowledge and a safe place where they may grow as individuals and as a community. After many years of moving around, growing up, and losing touch with the place I held so close to my heart I hope to return as not only a student of the library, but as a librarian as well.